October 17, 2017 (GCDC) - “ The Flag Day showcases the steadfastness of the Public to development and the realization of the Ethiopian Renaissance in the near future,” said Addis Ababa Youth and Women Federations.

The two federations also noted that indoctrinating of the national flag historical background to citizens, particularly to youth would have pivotal role in safeguarding the sovereignty and speeding up development.

In connection with the 10th National Flag Day , Addis Ababa Youth Federation Deputy President Abayneh Asmare told The Ethiopian Herald that: “ The Ethiopian youth have deep- rooted connection with the national flag as they had paid huge sacrifice for freedom and justice. Hence, since 2007, the youth have been marking the flag day with great zeal.”

According to him , a flag day is a day where the youth strengthen cooperation and unity than ever before . “The youth need to maintain the legacy of our forefathers.”

He further said sustainable awareness creation activities need to be carried out not only in annual ceremony but also during flag hoisting and flag lowering . “ We have to pass down our flag legacy to the youth. Particularly, the youth need to know and learn about national identity at the early stages.”

For her part, Addis Ababa Women Federation President Almaz Aberha said : “ The national flag symbolizes our diversity in unity . As we celebrate the day with various assortments, it for sure will further strengthen our unity and give impetus to the ongoing national development endeavors .”  (The Ethiopian Herald)

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