9 killed, 17 wounded in latest violence in Gambella region: Officials

May 27, 2023 (GCDC) - The regional government of Gambella state has confirmed that nine people were killed and 17 others suffered major and light injuries during recent violence in Itang special woreda and the capital Gambella City.

In a statement released by the regional Press Secretariat Bureau Omot Ojulu, President of the Gambella Regional State, as saying that the clashes occurred after a dispute between individuals residing in the  PuAnywaa and Ler kebeles of Itang Special Woreda escalated into communal violence causing some unrest in the Itang district and Gambella city.

According to the president, the violence has since been brought under control by the coordinated efforts of the regional and federal security agencies.

The president blamed what he called “elements” existing in the public who try to separate the people who have lived in solidarity and brotherhood for centuries, adding that however, “their plot was foiled” by the efforts of the community and the security forces.

The president also urged those who use social media to spread false information against the public to refrain from their actions, and the government will not tolerate such actions.

He further emphasized that all citizens should work together to ensure lasting peace and development by maintaining unity and brotherhood among people.

The region experienced another deadly violence earlier this week when a cross-border attack by the Murle tribe militants from neighboring South Sudan in the Nuer zone of the region claimed the lives of 10 individuals while causing 12 others to sustain minor and serious injuries.