Our Partnerships program is very supportive making changes to assist new immigrant in establishing more meaningful lives in their new society and to increase knowledge and awareness of Canadian culture and business.

  • Ethiopian Embassy                                                             
  • Immigration Canada Services, Citizenship                               
  • Calgary Regional Health Authority                                                                        
  • Calgary Board of Education                                                  
  • Riverside Bungalow Centre                                                 
  • Catholic Board of Education                                                
  • Alberta Justice Services                                                      
  • Calgary  Police Services                                                     
  • Women Emergency Shelter                                                
  • Canadian Embassy                                                          
  • Calgary Immigrant Women Association 
  • City of Calgary Community & Neighbohood Services 
  • Calgary Interfaith Food Bank Society
  • Social Services 
  • Calgary Multicultural Centre
  • Volunteer Calgary
  • Calgary Immigrant Aid Society 
  • Calgary Boys & Girl Club
  • Calgary Housing Company    
  •  Sleep Country
  •  Momentum             
  • Child Welfare                       

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