Meles Referral Hospital in Nuer Zone delays : Health Bureau

Gambella, January 24, 2017 (GCDC) - The Gambella Regional State Health Bureau has announced that the construction of one of the three hospitals named in honor of the late Prime Mister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, is delayed.

The hospital, which is currently under construction in Nuer Zone of the regional state, has been is running out of its scheduled project life. 

Construction of the three hospitals named after the late prime minster were began in 2013 with a total cost outlay of 80 million birr in three towns of the regional state namely Ngignag, Kumi and Fugnido

Out of the three hospitals, the referral hospital under construction in Ngignag has been completed only 75 percent of its construction phase so far according to the head of the regional health bureau, Oman Amulu Akway (PhD).

According to the head, the reason behind the delay is related to the fleeing the contactor from the area.

Cognizant of the problem, the regional government has refloated an auction to complete the remaining work. A new contractor has already overtaken the work again just a week ago, he said. 

The head noted that the new contactor entered in to contract to complete the remaining work within the next four months. 

The remaining two hospitals which have been built in Fugnido town of Anyuak Zone and Kumi town of Majanger Zone have already began operation since August 2016 though staffing with the appropriate human resource and equipment still remains a challenge. Efforts are under way to fulfill them, said Oman.

Walta Information Center has learnt that the resident of these zones used to travel to the regional capital city, Gambella; in order to seek medical service before the two zonal hospitals becomes operational. (WIC)